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But then again, we have publicly funded news here that’s subject to an arms length government commission (the CBC), so I guess it’s not so strange.Anyways, The West End, although friendly to all the colours of the rainbow, is mostly populated by gay men. This funky east side neighbourhood is located at a major transit hub (the Sky Train) and originally hosted a large Italian Canadian population.3/15/2012 – Queer Girl City Guide: Cleveland, Ohio, by Lora 11.3/16/2012 – Madison, WI and W4W Entertainment, by Emily 12.

3/07/2012 – Oh But To Be A Queer in Sicily, by Jenn 6. 3/14/2012 – Queer Girl City Guide: Spokane, Washington, by Ana 10.I’ve frequented said establishment for many drunken 4am eating binges that I’m not proud of. The West End is also home to Little Sister’s, which I believe is the only LGBT bookstore in the city.The best/worst part is, there’s a jukebox, and I remember on one occasion a posse of annoyingly drunk straight girls managed to get the whole restaurant to sing along with them to “Shape of my Heart” by the Backstreet Boys. This little hidden away treasure has long been the subject of controversy.Personally, I’ve never encountered overt or violent homophobia and I feel like most people are indifferent, which is awesome.When people do stare, or ask questions, its usually out of basic curiosity and not animosity.

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They’ve fought a long battle against government censorship, seizure of materials at customs, and even violent attacks.