Playfire not updating ps3

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The very act of looking at Trophies feels like a waste of time.

When a game is loading on the Xbox 360, I'll often fill the seconds by quickly glancing over some Achievements to check my progress, or look at some messages, which can instantly be done with a quick tap of the controller's Guide Button to bring up a useful mini dashboard.

With the PSN, there's no sense of personal investment and no real platform to show off your Trophy progress at an easy glance.

Don't get me wrong, both Achievements and Trophies are, at the end of the day, meaningless tokens.Straight away, we are taught that only a few Trophies actually matter. The way in which different values are assigned to the Trophies practically admits that a huge amount of them are worthless.Nearly all my Trophies so far are Bronze, and I struggle to give a shit about any of them, because we all know that Bronze is for losers.You can easily bring up the dashboard and pass time in there while waiting for the next level to load. Usually, by the time you've actually navigated to the Trophies and waited for the information itself to load up, the game is ready to be played.There is no checking out other peoples' PSN IDs in a pre-match lobby either, not with the same ease and swiftness of an Xbox 360 lobby.

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