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" Kayla leaned in and the two of them kissed, tongue, lots of tongue.

I groaned just watching them, that's how hot it was.

Kayla was an experienced sword swallower and quickly adapted to my love muscle in her mouth and throat.

Catherine had her tongue working on my balls, trying to stimulate them to produce more cum for Kayla to swallow.

It was hot to watch but I was interested in unloading so I gently separated the two of them and said to them, laughing "Get back to work." They smiled at each other and in less than two minutes, Kayla had me erupting into her throat mostly because Catherine had a finger up my ass and was massaging my prostate.

Kneeling between my widely spread legs, Catherine looked up at me, her heavy breasts dangling and said "Jack, I need to have you wake up to this every Monday morning." With that, Catherine went to town, and started licking my balls, already filled with cum in their tight sack.

Her nipples were taut, her eyes were closed and she was moaning.

Catherine was running her hands through Kayla's hair as Kayla brought Catherine to her first orgasm of the day.

Right after Catherine came, Kayla kissed her inner thighs and all around her pussy while Catherine came down from her orgasmic high.

Kayla avoided Catherine's sensitive clit and kept her hands below Catherine's waist, avoiding her sensitive nipples post orgasm.

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Kayla ate what hadn't dripped out of Catherine with a smile.