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Dating places in brunei

Although the practice is not universal, patronymic naming has been documented in the Zambezia province.Somalis use their paternal grandfather's given name as their legal surname for documentation purpose.The full name is written as: First name (given name) followed by the father's name, and last by the grandfather's name.For example, Sara Yohannes Petros is Sara (given name) Yohannes (father's name) Petros (grandfather's name). The same is true for females; they do not take their husband's last name.The practice disappeared from everyday use with the introduction of the modern European style surname system but still remains part of traditional cultural practices, particularly in the case of chieftains and royalty where reciting lineages forms a part of many ceremonial occasions.

Patronymic naming is very common in parts of Mozambique.

Amis people's son names are also followed by the father's name, while a daughter's name is followed by her mother's name. For example, if a father is named Khurram Suleman (a Muslim masculine name), he might name his son Taha Khurram, who in turn might name his son Ismail Taha.

As a result, unlike surnames, patronymics will not pass down through many generations.

Among the Zulu patronymics were used in the pre-colonial era.

The prefix "ka" was attached to the father's name, for example Shaka ka Senzangakhona means Shaka son of Senzangakhona.

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In Tamil Nadu and some parts of Kerala and South Karnataka, patronymy is predominant.

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