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Dating doormat

Do you give up seeing your friends to suit your wife’s weekend plans?Are you always the one who gets up early to get the kids to soccer or stays out late to pick them up? If you find yourself giving in to avoid the hassle, knock it off! Don’t be a jerk, but settling for passive is just as sure to end in disaster. Flexibility and being nice are essential to a happy marriage, but be aware of the signs that you may be going too far.

#2 Being Too Available One of my girlfriends used to date a guy who we nicknamed 7-11. Because he was available 24/7 for any and all of her needs. And it wasn’t long before he got dumped for another man who wasn’t such a doormat.

A woman who can be herself and express what she truly thinks and feels. We can tell they’re not being their real selves around us because they don’t want to offend us by saying the wrong thing, or God forbid, disagreeing with anything we say.

That’s spineless, doormat behavior and it makes us feel like we can’t trust you to be honest about what you really think. We’ll never know about this one, but I’m sure he would’ve volunteered.

At least not according to a woman’s definition of a nice guy. Watch the video below to see how our version of a nice guy is drastically different to yours.

What most men consider ‘nice’, we consider doormat behavior.

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