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Dating direct user reviews

Because men are genetically designed to “spread thy seed,” a wife who doesn’t put out is not necessarily the only reason for cheating.Most men just want to have sex with many women and they feel this need deep within them.However, due to my work, I had the good fortune of meeting quite a few of these women (and men) throughout my life.Many might believe any woman can be turned into a mistress. A real mistress is the one who knows you have a main relationship and knows her place as a mistress in your life.First off, I want to start by mentioning this article is not about how to cheat on your current partner.This article is more about the women you can cheat with, the women who will continue to have an affair with you even if you are married with children.I know a lot of girls who are mistresses, and your best bet is to go for someone young (22 to 26), regardless of your age.At that age, they think mostly about their careers and don’t realize what they’re getting into.

You need to show them you are intelligent, maybe even more intelligent than them.If they are over 30, it will be increasingly difficult to keep them as a mistress, or you might just find them getting pregnant because they want a kid.Picking up one of these women is not going to be difficult.See how they react and basically let them play themselves into your bed while remaining cool and collected.You will need to spend some extra time and money at the beginning, but once things settle down, you’ll be able to visit her just when you need it.

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It’s something that is genetically embedded into our DNA, and it can only be controlled by sheer will and determination.

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